I have to imagine someone you absolutely, precisely two someones: 
Joe and Rick from Duesseldorf new label " rainbow handshake . "  Joe and Rick are two super creative heads. The two are from New York, but for years and have been living in Duesseldorf some time ago founded this label.  since then they sell their products that they previously distinguished herself in her studio, print and sewing. Then there are nice graphics on stretchers, on bags or clothing and funny fly ("Bow Ties").  Meanwhile, they also have their own  Dawandashop . I own a great graphic on screen, a shirt and a great top bag. And hey, not everyone has these things ^ ^. I highly suggest simply stop by at Rainbow handshake to shop in their Shoepchen and perhaps also enjoying your loved ones with a great Christmas gift to you then! How do I know all this and why do I want today to put you two to my heart? Because the two simply make great creative things and all have built themselves!  addition, Joe is a family member of mine, but only on the edge ;-). So: Saint's shopping!

Many thanks and much love to Leeza for her sweet words!
Visit her blog by clicking on the 'gut Kirschen essen' banner to see some of the lovely things she makes! 

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